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The popcorn was amazing! The teachers loved the flavor and thought the small bags were super cute. So many are thrilled to know about the new shop. ~Erin Bayer- Kannapolis NC

Ordered popcorn for a children’s birthday party and was impressed with the quick delivery and the freshness of the popcorn. Even ordered the cheddar popcorn for myself.

~Steven Agee

Enjoyed the popcorn to the highest. I couldn’t stop eating it had to MAKE my self stop eating  yum!!!!

~Lindell Nelson

Decadence Popcorn is a five star establishment in my book!  Quality popcorn AND quality customer service!

~Tyrisa Durham

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Enjoyed the popcorn to the fullest, I couldn't stop eating it!  I had to make myself stop eating...YUM!!

~Lindell Nelson, Dewitt NY

The popcorn was amazing! The teachers loved the flavor, thought it was super cute, and so many were thrilled to know about your new shop. We had a few extras so I was able to enjoy it as well and it was delicious!

Thank you so much for working with us. You were so helpful and we will definitely be back! ~Erin, Boger Elementary

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